Whole Life Challenge – Prep Week



Getting psyched for the upcoming challenge ?  I am. I am also prepping.

First off I am increasing my water intake and stocking the house with sparkling water.  I am horrible about hydrating and I HATE flat water.  Having the type of water I like to drink at arms length, will make it much easier to keep up with hydration , nothing worse than trying to make my 85 ounces per day goal in the last two hours before I go to bed !

Secondly, having lost considerable weight and inches in the last two challenges, my goal here, is more lean muscle.  To achieve that, I know I need to increase calories, specifically, increase protein.  I am nervous about that because I know if I see my weight going up I am going to freak out and want to starve myself.  I’ll to have to keep reminding myself that it’s about body fat % not weight.  On that note, I went ahead and got a Fitbit Aria scale which allows me to monitor my BF%.  I know it is not as accurate as the hydrostatic tanks, but who can afford to do that weekly ?  With Aria, even if the numbers aren’t perfect, it will at least track progress or lack thereof.

Thirdly (is that a word?) I, or I should say we, my wife and I, are scouring the internet and health food stores for good deals on WLC compliant, sugar free, gluten free, snacks.  I am going to be off work, unless some day player stuff comes up, for the entirety of the challenge and that means a lot of movies and videos at home.  I don’t know about you but, for me, snacks and movies go together like yin and yang.  Having tasty stuff around that is satisfying and clean food, will definitely help.

Fourth, since I am all about apps and gadgets, my phone is loaded with MapMyWalk, Zombies Run! and MyFitnessPal, linked to Fitbit.  Don’t judge me !   I am using these to monitor my caloric intake and just as important, my calorie burn. I am super hyper and active and for me it’s easy to burn up calories just pacing while I am on the phone or walking to meetings and that kind of thing.  Also with MyFitnessPal allows me to monitor what types of food (protein, carbs and fat) I am taking in.  I can set goals.  I am excited about learning more about food.


Anyway.  I hope my plan, or the fact that I am planning at all, will help motivate and maybe educate some of my teammates, because another one of my goals for this challenge is to assist and possibly inspire people



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