Whole Life Challenge – On The Road

BannerSo one week in and still 100% compliant.  Now since this is my third Challenge that should not be that big of a deal buuuuuuut, I am currently on a 3 day jaunt up to San Francisco from LA.

Now LA to SF is like a 70 minute flight.  My flight was at 12.30 so I had a protein shake (Egg white protein of course !)  after my run at around 8 AM.  At 10.30 or so I had a big breakfast of egg white scrambled with a grilled chicken breast and some fruit.  I figured that should get me through the airport and flight.  Then I would find something after landing.  Well a 45 minute delay later and I am eating a $5.99 cup of fruit in the airport !

Landing in Oakland was……abrupt.  The plane slammed down like a car hitting a telephone pole. I have never experienced fear flying before, but that was hairy.  Anyway off to the rental desk, which of course took forever. Get to the hotel, the room is a joke, I get an upgrade and now it’s 4.15 and I am meeting a friend for dinner and a movie at 6. No time to eat so it’s a mile walk to BevMo for some nuts and water.

Off to dinner . Seeing as we are meeting in Berkley, I assume the Japanese place my friend has chosen would have a wide menu of clean foods and to some extent I was right. Sashimi, greens and what not, but knowing that I have consumed maybe 900 calories up to this point in the day, and expended way over 3000, I know I need more than a half pound of fish.  Well here is the surprise.  No brown rice, no quinoa, both of which are permitted on the Intermediate level diet, both of which I knew would compensate for much of what I had burned off.  Instead it was a small green salad and a 5 oz piece of grilled salmon.  I end up walking into the theater almost as hungry as when I landed at the airport !   Not ordering popcorn was nothing short of a miracle.  A few gluten free crackers prior to bed and I figure, tomorrow is another day and I can make some healthy choices then.

I start the day with 30 minutes on the treadmill and some strength training.  Nothing major, just a warm up really.  A huge egg white, chicken and veggie omelette and I am off to Muir Woods for a little hike.  A quick stop at Whole Foods, where I discover, not for the first time really, that the the words “natural” and “organic” do not mean compliant. Agave, honey, molasses and natural cane sugar may be healthy alternatives to processed sugar but they are not compliant.  This is where The Challenge is really a challenge.  Taking the time to find clean hiking snacks requires ignoring the catch phrases and reading the ingredients.   Ironically the night before at the movies, I had seen a trailer for a documentary about the nations’ obesity and our country’s addiction to sugar.  I honestly thought picking a place like Whole Foods Market, would allow me to escape that trap.  It seems I was incorrect.

Regardless I stock up on a few bars and whatnot that I can take along on what I planned to be an hour or hour and a half hike.  Of course that did not factor in getting lost.  Long story short, I get back to my car almost 3 hours later, having burned off over 3000 calories while taking in less than 1000.  Ouch.  I am weak and “hangry” !  But again, since I am heading to San Francisco, I thought that, even as a non-vegan, I would easily find some compliant food, but again I was wrong.  Granted I did not have the time or inclination to look that hard, but I ended up at an American Comfort food restaurant because I knew they had ribs !   Getting a full meal of clean food did take a little menu manipulation but it worked out. I was still short calories but figured I would make it up for dinner.  I am staying at a friend’s and her toddler wanted pizza. In this case SF lived up to it’s reputation.  She knows a pizza place with gluten free pizza.  That worked out fine.  Not wanting to be the kill joy, I chose to pull the cheese off of the pieces I ate as opposed to getting a pie of my own, which I know I wouldn’t have finished off.  That aspect of dinner worked out fine but surprisingly, the same place with gluten free pizza, had no salads or salad dressings that were totally non dairy.  Not a huge deal but still surprising.  I did have to go to the old stand by, Mary’s Gone Gluten Free Crackers later in the night to keep from going to sleep starving !

I guess the point of this whole thing is, it is much harder to be compliant on the road than it is at home.  So far so good but as I write this I am pretty hungry already, so it’s off on the hunt for clean food.  Oh and the beginning of the water challenge.  85 ounces of water today !  My main objective, besides finding compliant foods will be…….knowing the location of the nearest restroom !

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