Fuck Marky Mark

That fucker has made so many men’s life hell.  No don’t get me wrong.  I think Mark Wahlberg is an amazing actor and seems like a pretty good guy, but Marky Mark  and those fucking Calvin Klein underwear ads in the 90s. You remember …..

Asshole, I won’t even deny that I was kind of happy when he was chubby in that movie with Will Ferrell

But  think about it, before him Sean Connery was considered sexy, motherfucker was built like a tree trunk, I mean look at this

THAT was sexy,  THAT,

fuck I could get a woman away from this guy, or at least I would have enough confidence to have a shot at it, and while I am at it,

Ryan Reynolds,  dude, you seem pretty cool, like someone I would hang out with and when you were Van Wilder

you looked funny and kind of stupid, but then Blade 3 came out and you bust out your fucking 14 pack abs,

and how the fuck do you have abs where the rest of us do not even have muscles  ????????

It’s just not cool.  Tom Selleck, macho guy, probably got a lot of pussy back in the day, right ?

Well now homeboy would be watching chicks leave with Brad Pitt from Snatch or Fight Club !

And while I am at it FUCK YOU BRADLEY COOPER !!!!  You DO NOT get to show up on the scene and be all handsome and funny with perfectly sloppy hair and shit and then do this

It’s just NOT FUCKING FAIR.  Not fair at all.

I hate these fuckers, what I hate more is all the stairs I have to run and the bacon cheeseburgers I don’t eat and looking at food in relation to how many sit ups I’ll have to do to work it off….  OH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST !!!

Ben MotherFucking Affleck.  

This guy,  there was a time when everyone hated him and they are all like “how can he be a star?” and “he has no talent”  blah blah blah,  well I didn’t hate him then,  he was not the greatest of actors but when I saw him, I thought, I could be his wingman or he mine.  He is not that much out of my league. I could hit on the same chicks as him and stand a chance.  I think that’s why he was popular.  Men were not threatened by him and chicks thought they could get him.  Then his limited acting skills and over exposure kind of sent him under ground.  Then he comes back as a director,  and since I never hated him and really enjoyed “Gone Baby Gone” I was happy for him when he got all the good press.  Then “The Town”…….and this

DUDE, why do hate all other men ?  I still want to like his movies but FUCK HIM !!!


I know any women who are reading this are probably feeling self satisfied that we men are finally getting a taste of what it’s like to be women competing with Victoria Secret Models and shit. To that I say, this is FAR FAR WORSE,  and the reason it is FAR FAR WORSE


Jealous ?  Insecure ? Angry ? Envious ?

yep, yep, yep, yep.   Not denying it. And as much as I know that they all have nutritionists and trainers and none of them are 52, I still hate them all  !!!!

Where did I put that Chunky Monkey ??????



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  1. and bradley cooper speaks like 3 languages. prick.

  2. No, no, no, and ……no. Sam Elliott from his Roadhouse days? Hells yes.

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