Whole Life Challenge – Week 3

5_21_14Ok I can’t speak for anyone else but this week,  the Challenge has become, well, challenging.  I am at the point, that I knew I would be at, where I am making literally ZERO progress in my quest to lower my BF%.  ZERO.  Actually if I am to believe my Fitbit Aria Scale, I am  losing ground.  I am frustrated and frankly, have given some serious thought to dropping out of this one.  I feel like I am  out of my element here.  I am working out more than I ever have so of course I expect results, which I am not seeing.  With the amount of cardio I am doing, I am finding it difficult, to consume as many calories as I am burning and impossible to  break even by the end of the day. I know I need to be counter intuitive here.  What little I know about nutrition tells me I need to eat more and do less cardio.  What my head tells me, and sadly what I keep listening to, is NOT to eat and to run, bike or walk even more.  I knew this would happen and here it is, happening ! My plan has been and will continue to be to add a lot more strength training.  I have been doing a lot more squats, and push-ups as well as a few other upper body things that have been okayed by my surgeon and physical therapist.  Hopefully this will help with the numbers game.

Another thing that has me distressed is wrapping my head around the fact that I secretly want to  finish the challenge in the very least tied for first. That’s right, I want to win The Whole Life Challenge !   Yep.  I am a bit of a freak. It is dawning on me that, since the measurements part of it carries 25% of our final scores, there is no conceivable way for me to win.  This being my third challenge, my gains are going to be limited.  I know this. I knew it going in.  Sadly this knowledge is not alleviating the mounting despair I am feeling as the idea becomes reality.  I am simply not going to win, so of course, like that kid we all knew when growing up who, when not being able to play, would leave with the ball !  If I can’t win. I just don’t want to play.

This brings me to the reasons why I am not dropping out.  My team.  That’s it, these guys, most of whom have not done the challenge before, are kicking ass and taking names.  I see them logging in consistently. Being honest in their reflections. Supporting each other on the reflections pages and sharing recipes and experiences on our Facebook page.  A couple of them have shared their progress and it is inspiring.  One of my guys, Mike, has dropped 10 pounds already and is so stoked by this challenge he is planning on getting involved in the as yet unscheduled Fall challenge !  He is also signed up for a 5K.  AHHHHHHMAZING.   Also, my friend Terri, has been in pursuit of a specific weight goal for a while.  She had been making some progress, but she has seen the Challenge ramp things up for her and she has reached that goal.  She also mentioned that she feels better than she can every remember and that her husband has been involved with her and is loving it.   Besides those two, who have shared their progress, there is Angela, who is staying compliant through the stress of selling and buying a new house !  And let’s not forget Brooke, who walked away from Kettle Corn – Nuff said !

How could I bail on being a part of this !

As my friend and teammate Ross told me. I have already won the Challenge !

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