Who Am I

Or maybe, who do I think I am ?

That’s always been a hard thing to describe. Well by name I am Phill Kane. I currently live in Los Angeles CA, and as stereotypical as this may sound, YES I do work in the film industry and NO I very much doubt you have ever heard of me.  I won’t even begin to assume that you do not know how to use Google search so if you really want to know what I have done, you can feel free to use it. Don’t forget the 2 Ls, Most people do. Which may bring up the first question.  Why the 2 Ls, Well there are two answers, one which is completely valid and accurate is that my born name is Phillip with 2 Ls and logic should demand the Phil would then become Phill, This is a very sound way of explaining why I use 2 Ls, however it is not the truth,  The truth is that when I added the second L at perhaps 17 or 18, I just wanted to be different. Different then all the other angst ridden suburban teenagers that I was hanging out with and different then who I was or who I used to be, You see I hated myself as a child. I was small and scared and I hid from everything.  I was uncomfortable everywhere doing anything and it was not until my mid to late teens that I finally felt like I actually belonged in the world.

But that is not who I am.  That is what I do and one strange and quirky thing that I did, One of many hundreds of decisions that I made but at least one that did not seem to have any ill effect.  The same can not be said of many of my subsequent decisions. Oddly enough when making this site, this tab was titled “About Me” and they suggested I list my hobbies, interestes and the like, but what the fuck ? This is not a crazy dating site or even a social networking site.  This is a place where I am going to try and let you see the world through my eyes.  I am the first to admit that I am somewhat of a cynical, outspoken and opinionated jerk, but that’s also what makes me entertaining, and make no mistake.  I KNOW I am entertaining which to some people comes off as annoying,  If you are one of  I think perhaps we won’t be friends but that’s ok, because besides being cynical, outspoken and opinionated, I am also a good guy with a good heart who just wants everyone to be happy as long as the things you do to make you happy do not involve hurting other people or animals or any of that other crazy destructive shit.  So if I do not entertain you, and I just kind of annoy you, then don’t read what I have to say, this is not the place for you, but also try and give me the same courtesy I give you, As the saying goes, “Live and Let Live”. So like I said if I am not your cup of tea as it were, don’t hate but please vacate  (that rhymed)





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