WLC – 2 Weeks Down, 6 To Go

1 week in

So here I am two weeks into the summer challenge and staying strong.  I have to say I can not believe that I am actually posting photos of myself with my abs exposed !  It’s weird cuz I have always wanted to be one of “those” guys and I hate that “those” guys ALWAYS seem to take their shirts off.  Now I am not trying to say I am part of the those guys club, but I look pretty good and I am proud of what I have accomplished.  That said, I am still really self conscious.  But I am trying to get around it so I can show others what they can do by using the challenge.

So like I said 2 weeks in and I won’t lie.  I am feeling a little frustrated.  I am kind of  in a weird situation due to the amount of progress I made in the first 2 challenges.  I KNOW I can not expect the types of changes I saw during those challenges.  Just so you know the numbers, at the end of the last challenge I was 169 pounds and 15.9 % body fat.  I did gain a few pounds since then and just today got my BF measured.   I am now 173  and 16.8% body fat.  The good news is the 4 pounds break down to 1.75 muscle and 2.25 fat.  My overall goal is 15% BF so I am confident it is attainable.  My challenge within a challenge is to not freak out and starve myself !

Anyway, to re-cap the week.  It was HOT.  I mean really hot.  Triple digits and all.  I am so lucky that I am a morning person and get my workouts in at sunrise.  However the rest of the day, I have been run down and drained and ultimately I am under-eating, which does no body any good !  Besides that, my poor wife Agnes underwent some non life threatening yet still bothersome and painful surgery.  She is so bummed because she can’t really keep up with the Challenge.  I do my best to make her comfortable and I am honored to be able to do so.  The down side is I tend to not take care of myself.  Normally I am pretty spoiled with her preparing food.  She is creative and adventurous and makes some great, healthy meals.  Me, I kind of make eggs and or tuna.  As such.  I am not getting the kind of calories I need to add muscle.  My go to, besides the above mentioned tuna and eggs is grilled chicken and egg protein shakes.  I am also struggling to try and keep Agnes, fed, hydrated and comfortable.  It’s all a bit draining. But one of the things that has made it easier is being part of the Whole Life Crushers Team !

We have a great group on Facebook and they are constantly posting recipes and bouncing ideas off of one and other.  It’s pretty cool.  And since my ego is HUGE, on the days when I just wanna say fuck it and have bacon double cheeseburger with donuts instead of a bun, I check in with those guys and see they are still trudging away and walking away from cakes and pizzas !

So in closing I just want to say, it’s two weeks in, I am still going strong and I posted a photo from this week, which I don’t think is too awful, but it will also be a good way to gauge how much progress I make in my ultimate goal.   You know.  Abs like Jason Statham !     

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    Watch out Jason Statham!

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