My Whole Life Challenge Story

So as the 2018 New Years edition of The Whole Life Challenge begins, I have been reflecting on how the WLC has changed my life and what it means to me.

My first challenge was in Fall 2013 but as I look back I see that my journey really started in the late 70s. I know weird right ?  But it was the late 70s and I was in my late teens when I decided I was going to be a rock star.  Of course a large part of that desire was based in wanting to be famous and rich and all that other stuff,  but deep down, when I was struggling to learn how to play bass lines by my musical heroes, I always knew that I wanted to inspire people. I wanted young bass players in basements and bedrooms around the country to be slaving away to learn bass lines that I had created.

So time jump to 2013, a failed musical career and a lot of bad decisions led me to a mid level career in the film industry and the thought that I could even inspire anyone had long since passed. So how does the WLC tie in ?

Well somewhere around 2011 I saw a photo of myself and I realized I was fat, not chubby, not “could stand to lose a few pounds” but fat.  I am 5 foot 11 inches and I was tipping the scales at around 216.  I decided then that I would start to work out and eat better.  Well 2 years of that and I did lose 19 pounds but I knew I could do better.  It was then that a friend of mine introduced me to the WLC and something told me this was something that could work. I buried myself in it and set off  on my goal to get abs like Jason Statham.  I dropped nearly 20 pounds over the first couple of challenges and my body fat % went from 27 to 19.

Now here is where things get good. I loved this thing, I knew it worked to transform my health and fitness, what I did not know at the time was it could also improve my outlook on life and allow me to lead others down a path that could help change their lives also.  So I started a little team. I named us The Whole Life Crushers and started to recruit friends and co-workers.  I kind of became Coach Phill !   As all of this was happening I sort of dropped my Jason Statham abs goal.  My motivation for being a team leader was to show others that this thing worked as a way to get long term results in the areas of health and fitness.  Just to get the numbers out of the way, my lowest weight while doing the Challenges was 173 but truth be told. I looked gaunt.  As we speak I am a sustainable 185 pounds and 17% body fat.  For the most part I work out 7 days a week and run 1/2 and full Marathons.  But more important is that at some point I showed up on the radar of the founders of The Whole Life Challenge and they asked if I might want to be an Ambassador for the WLC.  I of course said yes.  They also offered me the chance to make The Crushers and Official Team.

Since then I have fielded a team each and every challenge since late 2014.  I am proud to say that The Crushers have a reputation as being a supportive and fun team to be a part of.  I am excited to be able to guide people through this thing 3 and now 4 times a year.  My team is generally 200 people from all over the world, from all walks of life, a  wide range of ages and varying fitness levels and goals.  When recruiting players I always say I would love to be a part of their WLC journey.  That might sound cheesy but it is how I really feel.  This thing is a journey and it is not about the destination because my experience it that the destination could easily change somewhere along the way !  For myself, I went from wanting to look like I walked off the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine to a guy who achieved his life long goal of being an inspiration to others !

If you are interested in being a part of the Crushers for this session, you can do so by following this link


Whole Life Crushers 


Either way I hope you all get 1/2 as much out of the WLC as I have


Have A Healthy Day


Phill Kane

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