The Whole Life Challenge – Why an Official Team ?

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As we approach the May 2017 edition of The Whole Life Challenge I am seeing a lot of inquires about Official vs Unofficial Teams and why would I join an Official Team if I am already on a small team of friends, family, coworkers etc. Keep in mind you can actually be on 2 teams.  First off, some of you are already on Official Teams associated with your gym or other WLC Partners. In addition there are 2 large, world wide teams with which you can align yourselves. They are my team, The Whole Life Crushers and a team run by Ayesha Kamal, Worldwide Warriors.   I am sure some of you have seen us posting on the FB Official Whole Life Challenge page both promoting our teams and chiming in to support and share our experience in the comment sections. You may even wonder who we are and why we are so busy here.

In answer to this, we are both Worldwide Ambassadors for The Whole Life Challenge.  Ayesha has been involved in the Challenge since 2012 and I have participated as a player and eventually a Captain since Fall 2013.  So what you have here are 2 people who REALLY believe in this thing and a combined 9 years of experience.

With that in mind,  the first thing you gain by joining one of our teams is direct access to that kind of experience.  Make no mistake, this thing is called a Challenge for a reason.  You are challenged to expand your awareness in areas of your lives that for some of us, we did not even had areas before !  I mean, how many of you have been logging water intake and sleep hours, you know, just for fun or taking a few minutes to meditate or focus on gratitude daily, even for a week ?  And since a lot of you join this thing to lose weight and improve fitness, you may wonder how these things help with that goal.  You may also get frustrated along the way with what you see as a lack of progress.  So one of the first reasons why you may want to join one of our teams is simple.  Both of us, as well as some of our many teammates have been there, done that, and as such you will have be able to reach out to a vast array of experience on how to push through these moments and keep your eye on the prize.

Another thing you gain with joining one of our teams is 8 full weeks of support. Here are some hard numbers.  Historically, 10% of the people who sign up for the Challenge, never log in.  Not once. And as the 8 weeks go by, the world wide average for logging in is around 40%.   Doing some quick math, you can see how on a smaller team, as you approach the last couple weeks, there is a chance you could be on your own !  With a team of 200, you are guaranteed to have teammates right up to the end.  And even if 199 of the team fell off, which will NEVER happen, Ayesha and I will be there to catch you right up to the finish line !  But as I said, that will never happen. As a matter of fact, we traditionally have between 70 and 80 % attendance, as compared to the world average. The simple fact is, we have a long term track record of getting people to the finish line and this thing works best if you allow yourself to adhere to the habits for the full 8 weeks.

The last thing that I want to mention, and one that I think is sometimes lost in the translation is – FUN !  Yeah, fun because who wants to do something hard if you can not have a little fun along the way. This thing is not meant to be an added area of stress.  By keeping score, and having a leaderboard, we can have some lighthearted competion both with our teammates, ourselves and as a team against all the other teams Worldwide.  Now I personally do not push for perfection from my team, or even from myself, but some of you may want to do that, I mean in the end, someone’s name is on the top of the leaderboard. you can also see how you stack up against your against other players of the same gender, age, nutrition level etc.  For my first few Challenges that was a way for me to push myself. That might not be for everyone but it can still be fun for some of you.  But in the end, and one of the things I like to say is  awareness not perfection.  Most of us will not have perfect scores but by checking in with our team, sharing our reflections, you will come to realize that one of the most important lessons to be learned by doing The Whole Life Challenge is mindfulness. Being mindful of what you put in your body, mindful of how much time you might spend procrastinating, how much time might just be wasted. You will see how much better you perform when you get the proper amount of sleep. You will also become mindful of the changes in your body that might not even be about the number on the scale. You will notice that you feel better, you will be calmer, your skin will look better, you may find yourself being grateful for the things that surround you daily. Now I know those are all lofty promises but I can attest to them because that is what has happened to me.  I started this thing in order to have abs like Jason Statham, now I won’t say whether that goal has been reached BUT what has happened is that beside all the things I listed above, I have also become an inspiration to others and way before I started doing the Challenge, being an inspiration to someone, anyone, has always been my life time goal. So I can say – mission accomplished! I can’t say that all of you will reach your life long goals, you may not even reach your short term goal by the end of the 8 weeks but you will be well on your way to learning the habits that will get you there and having had 8 weeks of accountability, you may learn to hold yourself accountable – even when no one is watching.

Anyway, I have rambled on way too long and I am willing to bet that very few of you have stuck with this opus to the very end.  But for those of you who have, I will share my most important advice.






If you want to be a part of The Whole Life Crushers follow this link



To find Ayesha’s Team. Use this link

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